Issue Jan-Feb 2017


Our Amazing Biobay

with: Mark Martin Bras, Lirio Marquez, and Tom O'Grady Jr. There are few places in the world that classify as bioluminescent “bays”. Puerto Mosquito, Vieques’ bioluminescent bay, is considered by many to be ... Read More...
Vieques Island Sunset with Small Boat

Of Time and Tide

Science has long known the influence of the Moon on our oceans; the rise and fall of tides, the constant pull of water against an ever-resisting planet.  But what does science know of the pull of men to the sea... Read More...
Vieques on Horseback

Vieques on Horseback

South Side: Esperanza Riding Company North Side: SeaGate Hotel Within a few minutes of arriving in Vieques, visitors soon discover that this is an island of horses. Cars share the road with herds migratin... Read More...
Beach Trifecta Sunbay Media Luna Navio

Beach Trifecta

For a mere four dollars you can load up your car with friends and family and visit Sun Bay, one of the most spectacular beach vistas on Vieques.  But what you may not know is you’ve just hit the trifecta with y... Read More...

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Mike Corey, Videographer and Photographer Kick the Grind Vieques, PR.

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