Issue Nov-Dec 2016


Avian Crossroads

Humans aren’t the only visitors flying down to Vieques. Sixty percent of all the birds here also live elsewhere—their numbers topping ours. Most come for the winter season, just like people. Others are “pass... Read More...
scuba divers in vieques

Let’s Get Our Feet Wet

the choices abound Use that brief window called vacation to cleanse the soul of the daily grind, open your heart to a new adventure and enjoy the sights and sounds of someplace exotic. Taste the cuisine, exper... Read More...


Want to know a bit more about Vieques? Here’s a brief timeline to whet the appetite of the history buff in you. Known as Bieke to the Taínos, Crab Island to the English, and Isla Nena to our residents, Viequ... Read More...

Video Gallery

Mike Corey, Videographer and Photographer Kick the Grind Vieques, PR.

Island Style

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Our traditional homemade version of eggnog combines coconut, spices and of course, rum! No holiday festivity would be co... Read More...

Good to Know

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